Yucca Root Cold Process Soap

Yucca Root Cold Process Soap

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This yucca root soap is loaded with:

➙ Grass-fed & finished tallow
➙ Organic aloe vera from my backyard
➙ Wildcrafted chaparral infused in olive oil
➙ Local yucca root 
➙ And skin-loving avocado oil

I am in LOVE with unscented soaps because they are so gentle on the skin. 

Yucca Root is native for us here in the desert Southwest - it's known by the Native Americans as the "soap plant" because it has natural lathering and saponin qualities.   It's great for hair - even better for your skin. 

Ingredients include: wildcrafted local Arizona yucca root water, chaparral infused olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed & finished beef tallow, lye, unrefined organic shea butter, avocado oil, pureed  yucca root, castor oil, organic aloe vera, organic chicory root. Unscented.

Net Weight: 4-5  oz.