Wool Felted Soaps
Wool Felted Soaps

Wool Felted Soaps

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Felted Soap is a bar of soap wrapped in soft wool and wet felted. The wool acts as a washcloth built into your bar of soap. The wool will shrink as the bar does! 

Felted soap is:

  • Anti-microbial – the bar will resist bacteria
  • Non-slip – the wool felting will prevent the soap from slipping from the hands
  • Renewable and sustainable – sheep and alpacas will keep producing more wool
  • Hypoallergenic – you shouldn’t be allergic to a felted soap bar
  • Functional – no need for a washcloth or loofah
  • Wonderfully full of lather

In addition to the health benefits, these soaps are beautiful with very colorful designs. They make excellent and unusual gifts!

When the soap is finished, simply toss the remaining felt ball in the compost (it's a great protein/nitrogen boost), or use it to scrub your grout first!
Net weight: 3-4 oz.