Lavender Rosemary Dryer Bag

Lavender Rosemary Dryer Bag

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Each 100% cotton muslin bag is 4" x 6" and is filled with 1 cup of dried lavender and rosemary.  

Use instructions:

This lavender rosemary dryer bag is a wonderful alternative to commercial dryer sheets. Tumble with your clothing in the dryer, the dryer bag will last for up to 35 loads if not more.

They will provide a soothing aroma to your clothing and are chemical-free, and environmentally friendly.  Refresh as needed by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to the buds only.  Be sure to completely tie the bag closed.  When done with the bag, add the blossoms to the compost. The muslin bag is washable on your standard washing machine gentle cycle.

Message us for customization requests or for larger bulk orders. These lavender and rosemary dryer bags make a wonderful gift for a wedding, baby shower, birthday and more.

Net Weight: 1.1 oz.