Creosote (Desert Chaparral) Salve
Creosote (Desert Chaparral) Salve

Creosote (Desert Chaparral) Salve

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The Creosote Bush (Larrea Tridentata) is also known as chaparral, or greasewood.

This healing salve is made with ethically harvested, wildcrafted creosote (chaparral), olive oil and organic beeswax. This combination creates a salve that is perfect for a variety of skin conditions and smells like the desert after a fresh rain.

The Creosote Bush is a plant found in the desert Southwest.  For centuries, it has been a traditional healing herb used for a variety of topical applications. 

Creosote is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. The plant can promote the healing of minor wounds, scrapes, cuts and skin issues. 

The creosote is dried, and infused in olive oil over low heat - a process that allows the components of the plant to emerge in the finished salve.  The salve is very aromatic. It smells just like the desert!

Ingredients include:  Wildcrafted Chaparral (also known as Creosote Bush) infused olive oil, organic beeswax. For external use only.

Net Weight: 2 oz.