Alder Soap Tray

Alder Soap Tray

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A soap dish significantly extends the life of a bar of soap by keeping it dry between uses. This extra large natural Alder soap tray is handmade from Red Alder, harvested in the Pacific Northwest.  

It has 5 channels on top and two cuts on the bottom for water to drain away from the soap through the bottom of the soap dish. 

Dimensions: 4.125 x 3.5 inches.   

Soap Care Tip:

Use your soap dishes in pairs to extend the life of the dish - use one dish for 2-3 weeks, and then wipe it clean with a damp cloth and set aside to allow it to fully dry out. Use the 2nd dish for 2-3 weeks while the first dish is drying out.

Alternating wood soap dishes this way will prevent mold and mildew from developing and growing on your dish and greatly extend the life of the dish.