Soap Grab Box (5 Discounted Soap Bars)

Soap Grab Box (5 Discounted Soap Bars)

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Making perfect batches of soap requires lots of testing.  All those test batches can give us lots of soap to use -- but sometimes that can lead to too many bars!

Fortunately for our customers that can mean some interesting soap to buy for less than our normal prices.

This listing is for 5 soap bars (over 20 oz of soap) that didn't quite meet the standard for regular sales. They may have design flaws -- but they are made with the same great ingredients as our regular bars. They are just noticeably less in cost.

Some of these soaps might be bars from test batches, essential oil experiments, or different natural additives. They might be bars where the natural colorants or scents have faded over time, imperfect cuts (though still generous bars), or not quite the design we were looking to achieve.

Though not all will be cosmetically perfect, they are bars that are cleansing, moisturizing and full of bubbly lather.

This variety pack will contain roughly 5 bars and occasionally even more. Because this is a variety pack, they will not be individually labeled.  The box totals at least 22 oz of soap (if not more!)

Our soaps never contain:

  • Parabens or Phlatates 
  • Palm Oil
  • Titanium dioxide (commonly used in soap making for a whiter bar)
  • Micas or Fragrance Oil

While we can't guarantee what will be in each grab box, we can promise you that it's all wonderful soap that's a great deal!