"Don't Be a Prick" Arizona Cactus Soap Stocking Stuffer

"Don't Be a Prick" Arizona Cactus Soap Stocking Stuffer

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These unscented soaps are just under 1.5 oz and are made with real, authentic Arizona cactus paddles. (The PRICKles have been removed).  This soap and soap dish would make a perfect, unique gift for someone at the office, or for a guest  bathroom.

The soap has been paired with a custom size, handmade, wood soap dish, 2.25x3 inches, that is made from reclaimed lumber in the Pacific Northwest.

Our soap dishes are given a light coat of 100% Tung Oil. Tung Oil comes from a deciduous tree that grows heart shaped leaves and fruits called Tung fruit. Pure tung oil provides a non-toxic, water resistant finish on wood, while also enhancing the grain.

(Find larger bars here).

Ingredients Include: Arizona cactus paddles (prickles removed), coconut oil, grass-fed & finished beef tallow,  comfrey,  infused olive oil, unrefined organic shea butter, lye,  organic hemp seed oil, avocado oil, castor oil, organic aloe vera, kaolin clay,  organic cacao powder.

Net Weight: 2 oz