Creosote Oil //  Greasewood //  Desert Chaparral

Creosote Oil // Greasewood // Desert Chaparral

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The Creosote Bush (also known as the greasewood plant) is a plant found in the desert Southwest.  For centuries, it has been a traditional healing herb used for a variety of topical applications including salve and lip balm

Creosote is incredibly aromatic - it carries a strong scent that will remind you of the desert after a fresh rain. 

This oil takes wildcrafted dried creosote and infuses in unrefined grapeseed oil over low heat - a process that allows the components of the plant to emerge in the finished oil.  

Unrefined, cold-pressed grapeseed oil is a rich source of natural antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. It absorbs quickly through skin layers.

Apply this oil to cuts, scrapes, burns, bites and other minor skin irritations.  You  can also use it to refill this creosote perfume oil.

Ingredients include:  unrefined, cold-pressed grapeseed oil (Vitis Vinifera), wildcrafted creosote (Larrea Tridentata). For external use only.

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*Please don't confuse this creosote with the toxic tar that comes from petroleum  or shale oil. this is unrefined, cold pressed grapeseed oil infused with wildcrafted creosote  - a bush that is native to the desert Southwest.