Butternut Squash Whey Soap
Butternut Squash Whey Soap

Butternut Squash Whey Soap

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This butternut squash soap is rich in whey, which is naturally protein and vitamin-rich, and one of the best things you can feed your skin and hair! 

These bars have it all... moisturizing rice bran oil, avocado oil, 100% pastured tallow, dandelion infused oil... combined with a hefty load of organic butternut squash..

We've added homemade Greek yogurt to make these bars extra creamy, as well as organic ground Turmeric - a powerhouse for skin.

These unscented soap bars are perfect for those who prefer to enjoy the "other" effects of soap bars, not just focusing on the scent itself.

Ingredients include: organic butternut squash, saponified oils (dandelion infused olive oil, coconut oil, 100% pastured tallow, rice bran oil, avocado oil, castor oil), homemade Greek yogurt, organic ground Turmeric, bentonite clay, 

Net Weight: 4-5 oz.